Random Thoughts.

So this post will seem as if I’ve run out ideas or that I’m too lazy to write an actual post. On the contrary, I actually saw this on a pastor’s blog a few months ago and have been collecting thoughts about everything and nothing since. I want to share some with you. Without further ado…

Cayman has lots of traditional, institutional churches. It even has a few contemporary, evangelical churches. But where is the missional church? And what does it mean if I’m the only person who sees this as a problem?

I’ve written songs I believe in, but don’t know if I’ll ever have the pleasure of pursuing them. Should I sell them? How does one even go about that? Furthermore, who’s even interested in generic pop rock songs? Not sure there’s a huge market for that.

Male privilege is real.

Sometimes I wonder if we intentionally allow the complexity of certain issues/situations to be an excuse for our passivity.

I don’t think I’m a “fun” person. I don’t say that as a critique to myself. It’s an honest assessment.

As activists and prophets, how do we create instead of simply destroy? In general, what does it look like to be known not only for what we are against, but, more importantly, what we are for?

This year I made a goal to read at least five books over 500 pages. Next year I want to read at least five (auto)biographies.

What does a church for people disillusioned with the church look like?

I strongly dislike social obsessions.

Why is it so much easier to listen to critics than to focus on Jesus?

What if the ultimate measure of happiness is when you no longer feel the incessant need to post it all over social media?

We will never experience community as long as we’re looking for a way out of it.

At the heart of what it means to be a Christian is to stand for justice. You can’t turn a blind eye toward injustice and call yourself a follower of Jesus.

There are certain things more important than our fears.

Lastly, I’m wondering if I’m wrong about who I think God is and if so, if I’m honest enough to admit it. That sounds very cryptic. I promise you it’s not. I’m still Christian. I still love Jesus. I just realize I still don’t know everything.


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