It’s Been a Gift

Someone recently asked me if I had intentions of writing a book any time in the future. I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. However I’m constantly challenged by the fact I simply haven’t lived enough. If there’s one thing this blog has consistently shown me it’s that I don’t actually know a thing about anything (I just like to pretend I do). Every week has stretched me beyond my limits and forced me to put the complexity of emotions and ideas into words. Twenty-six blog entries in and if I had to pick one word to sum up my experience so far it’s that this blog has been a gift.

I’ve felt the adrenaline coursing through my veins as I rush to finish last minute revisions. I’ve woken up only to be humbled by likes, comments, and occasional shares. I’ve even found joy in the editing process (not to say I’ve always gotten it right). The whole point of this blog was to get me writing/producing regularly and for the past six months it’s been that. I’ve had a space to articulate thoughts and grapple with what I’m learning in my context, often finding that it’s in the writing of a thing I come face-to-face with what I’ve yet to unpack in a given subject.

One thing I’ve wrestled with since the inception of this blog is its duration: How long can I keep this going? I want to honor God with the talents and abilities he’s given me by growing in them but it can get exhausting to do this week after week. I want to give my all to my wife and my students. To say yes to blogging might also be saying no to something else more important. If I’m honest as much as it’s been nice to write my thoughts whether theological or philosophical, I really want to push myself to write creatively again. Right now there are a handful of ideas I’ve been meaning to pursue but I haven’t found the time. Perhaps, I’m just making excuses.

Nevertheless my intentions are to continue blogging with this frequency for another six months until it’s been a full year. After that it’s up in the air. That’s not to say I won’t write or update. One option is to write once a month but post longer articles, I might transition to a more specialized focus, or maybe I’ll just write here whenever I need to say something. If this year has been about discipline, I want the next ones to be about freedom (not to say the two are antithetical to each other).

I do, however, want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have taken time to read this blog. Whether it’s been a consistent read or a casual glance, when I started this blog I wanted to feel heard and your attentiveness has shown me that I am. It’s been quite a journey but I’m excited to see what the future holds. Thank you.

Twenty-six down, twenty-six more to go.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Gift

  1. Son, I pray that the Living Power will fill you and guide you to whatever forum God can use you to be most beneficial to drawing more people to Him! Keep up the amazing work. Btw, I still need to list my favorite ten books! I love yoU!

  2. Your blogs are always so nice to read, they really make me happy. It might be because I know how much happiness it brings you to write, so I’m happy that you are doing something that makes you happy 🙂 do it for as long as that. As long as it still makes you happy and excited. If it’s creative writing then do that too! You have a gift, but never let it become a burden. Stop for a while if you need (although i will surely miss the e-mails notifying me you wrote a new entry). Your mind has beautiful things to share, and we are blessed to be able to read them. Be spontaneous! No schedules, just random thoughts at random times 😉

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