Literary Nihilism: A Blog Against Blogging.

I caved.

As with most things, I enter into the blogosphere with hesitance – understanding there may be more reasons not to disturb the universe than to proceed.

We live in an age and, more specifically, a culture that suffers from delusions of grandeur. Because we measure our lives by the amount of friends we have on facebook, followers on twitter and instagram, subscribers or views on youtube, reblogs on tumblr and the like, we believe we are bigger than we are (as if we’ve attained a level of celebrity). As someone doing their best not to capitulate, starting a blog feels like selling out. To write in a public forum, to an “audience”, assumes people care about my thoughts – which is to say my thoughts matter and I’m “important”, which, quite frankly, I don’t know to be true.

Everyone and their mother have a blog. The idea isn’t original anymore. We express our opinion in a public sphere as if they’re fact and everyone becomes an expert regardless of qualifications. For this reason, and others, we live in an age of skepticism (notice I speak like it’s fact). We want to know whom we can trust and why they’re worth believing. For me, the struggle is whether or not I want to contribute to the confusion or sit silently until summoned. I wrestle with that question even now.  

So, why blog?

First, because it’s not something I would naturally do. I’ve grappled with this for months for all the above-mentioned reasons and more. Nevertheless one of my goals for myself this year involves following my ideas. Secondly, because while the fact everyone and their mother have a blog discourages me, it partially motivates me as well. I earned both my bachelors and masters in creative writing yet everyone is writing more than I am. If there’s someone who should be writing regularly, shouldn’t it be me? I have to write or else my entire education was in vain.

Lastly, and more importantly, there are thoughts that stick with me, which demand to be processed and shared. Whether it’s the books I read, online articles I see, conversations I have, or things I experience, oftentimes I need a space to vent and at least feel heard. I suppose that’s how all blogs start, right?

Undoubtedly, most of my thoughts concern God and what he’s teaching me in a particular season. I imagine some posts will deal with music. I may even write about the ministry I work for. The aim is to write once a week but only time will tell if the goal gets achieved. I don’t even know if I have that many thoughts. Regardless, this is the first step of an ongoing journey and you, whoever you may or may not be, are more than welcomed to come along.

This is an experiment in progress. Both in the sense this blog is an experiment and this is an experiment in making progress.

So there you have it: I caved. 


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